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Articulate Presets: Audio Imperia Nucleus

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This preset pack contains Articulate presets for use with Nucleus by Audio Imperia, covering all patches that support keyswitches, plus a collection of bonus presets with key ranges.


  • 56 Articulate presets
  • Sorted into folders that mirror the Nucleus patch structure
  • Covers all of Nucleus' multi patches, plus bonus presets for its Sound Design patches

Library-specific notes:

The DFD patches contained within Nucleus' '04 Sound Design' folder have the exact same ranges as the regular ones, so presets can be used for both.


  • This preset pack requires the Articulate Max for Live device.
  • Presets should be copied into the 'Presets' subfolder within your Articulate folder. This will ensure them to load flawlessly without asking for Articulate's location.

Bundle Info:

This preset pack is also available in the All Presets Bundle, which contains all current and future Articulate presets at a heavy discount.

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (127KB)
  • PDF (36KB)