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Articulate Presets: Audio Imperia Jaeger

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This preset pack contains Articulate presets for use with Jaeger by Audio Imperia, covering all patches that support keyswitches, plus a collection of bonus presets with key ranges.


  • 45 Articulate presets
  • Sorted into folders that mirror the Jaeger patch structure
  • Covers Jaeger's String and Brass multi patches, Percussion single patches and all Vocals by Merethe Soltvedt and Sound Design patches

Library-specific notes:

As Jaeger's percussion multi patches are split between hit and roll articulations and cover a large part of the keyboard range, there are no presets for those two patches. As the percussion single patches are more focused and likely to be used to separate instruments, this pack contains presets that display their ranges.


  • This preset pack requires the Articulate Max for Live device.
  • Presets should be copied into the 'Presets' subfolder within your Articulate folder. This will ensure them to load flawlessly without asking for Articulate's location.

Bundle Info:

This preset pack is also available in the All Presets Bundle, which contains all current and future Articulate presets at a heavy discount.

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (106KB)
  • PDF (36KB)